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Papa's Burgeria Hack: Total cash (tips) increased...alot Spela nu!
Super Mario 63 Hack: 7 Total hacks - Hacks are located under the game - If you don't see hack check-boxes under the game then reload or refresh the page until you do! Spela nu!
Pogo Swing Hack: $50000 Cash. Notes: The last rocket upgrade is an instant win. After the game ends you will get a black screen - refresh the page. Spela nu!
Sprinter Hack: You run much faster Spela nu!
Dino Run Hack: DNA hacked, Bones hacked, Time Shifts hacked (press space when you get to 0) and all items in the shop are free. See below for in built game cheats. Spela nu!
Fly Zombie Fly Hack: Buying stuff gives you money & Only buy 1 of each item so you get infinite. Spela nu!
Crash Test Launcher Hack: Everything is free. Spela nu!
Achilles Hack: Lives Hack Spela nu!
Homerun in Berzerk Land: Berzerk Ball Hack: Purchases add money - No diamonds hack since they're premium items and purchasable with real money. Spela nu!
5 Minutes to Kill Yourself Wedding Day Hack: 60 Minutes instead of 5 -- And 200 instead of 100 health, so you could do more things..NOTE: Rated pg 13 for cartoon violence ! .... Spela nu!
Super Mario Crossover Hack: Infinite Lives, Start Powered up and stay powered up even if you get hit. Spela nu!
Cube Field Hack: Score x2. Press space to restart game but not your score. Spela nu!
Rail of War Hack: All trains - Weapons unlocked but as its not full version advanced trains are not available - Health has been increased to max (9999999999+) - You can even drive slow Trains - Speed has been increased from 100 to 500 - Weapon firing range increased - Weapon power also increased. Spela nu!
My Dolphin Show Hack: All dolphins cost 0 and add money. Spela nu!
Sonic Xtreme 2 Hack: More lives added & start with a lot of rings. Spela nu!
TU 95 Hack: Once the game loads and you click play use the keys 1-6 to go to the level number of that key. Key 1 : level 1, key 2 : level 2 etc. Nothing else we can hack without ruining the whole game. Spela nu!
Unreal Flash 2007 Hack: 99999999 ammo for all weapons Spela nu!
Tattoo Artist 3 Hack: Infinite lives - Customers tolerate all pain - No shaking Spela nu!
Crash Bandicoot Flash Hack: Infinite Lives Spela nu!
Metal Slug Brutal 3 Hack: Zero Lives - Infinite Ammo - Infinite Grenades Spela nu!
A Koopa's Revenge Hack: More lives added Spela nu!
SpongeBob and Patrick: Dirty Bubble Busters Hack: Spongebob & Patrick have unlimited lives Spela nu!
Epic City Builder Hack: Start with 1000000 money instead of 20000. Spela nu!
Green Archer Hack: Start with 20 arrows instead of 5. Spela nu!
Age of Information 2025 Hack: Infinite money on all difficulties Spela nu!
Jailbreak Auto Hack: Game size fixed! Timer hacked for all levels. Spela nu!
Marios Adventure 2 Hack: 5 Millions Lives and 999 Gold Coins Spela nu!
Fire Rocket Hack: 10x Longer fuse & fuse bonus give you max fuse again - Planes & clouds can not harm you only birds and other rockets can Spela nu!
Sonic The Hedgehog Hack: Infinite Lives Spela nu!
Gangster Life Hack: Money, Health, Car Health, & Max Ammo increased for both guns ! Freemode code is typed in for you ! DEATHS - NOTE: Some say the game lags if you don't play it on firefox ! Spela nu!
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